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Strategic Political Committee

Under the aegis of SPES, the Strategic Political Committee (SPC) has the assignment of contributing towards an area of tele-assistance in Central Europe through cross-border collaboration on the highest political level, initiating a dialogue on the supra-regional level and promoting innovative developments between the partner regions participating. This gathering of high-ranking representatives from the regions participating has the goal of making a contribution towards better co-operation between the regions participating in the issue of tele-assistance applications on the Central European level. 

The list of the current SPES SPC members can be found here.


The European Commission has set a goal to move towards a "European e-Health Area" through cross-border and regional cooperation through the adoption of the e-Health Action Plan:

“Drawing on best practices and experience from across the EU” is expected to facilitate the move towards a European e-Health Area and the development of common approaches to shared problems. 

Cooperation with international partners and regional forerunners and facilitation of transnational cooperation through health, may lead to innovative and shared solutions in the field of Ambient Assistend Living, e-Health, and Telemedicine, thus contributing to geographical integration among the involved regions. SPC members support the above mentioned action plan and participate at the open meetings organized by the SPES project with other regional bodies to join the framework of discussion. 

What can be expected from SPC Meetings?


  • Get informed about the ongoning Central Europe Project SPES
  • Get involved in the cross-border cooperation and innovative development of assitive technologies on the Central European level
  • Running Pilots Presentations, Results Presentation, Demos from SPES Project Partners
  • Get together from Central Europe regions in the filed of e-Health, Telemedice, and Ambient Assisted Living 


The SPC has officially been established at the first SPC Meeting on 20th April, 2012 in Vienna (see video below). The SPC Meeting Report can be downloaded here. The Letter of Intent is available for download here. For any further information please contact the project coordinator.






This project is implemented through the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme co-financed by the ERDF.

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